Just a little info so you know what you're walking into

The first thing clients usually say when they show up to our session is, "I don't know how to pose" or "This is our first time having pictures done and I don't know what to do". DO NOT WORRY. That's what you're paying me for, I'm experienced at getting people to show natural emotion. I have lots of prompts I use to help my clients loosen up and have fun. My goal is to get you to forget I have a camera and focus on whoever you came with to have your photos done.

Come with an open mind and let's have fun!


after you've paid your deposit and signed your contract

Depending on the session you've booked we could be involved in extensive planning. I'll give you my cell phone number and we'll start a conversation to make sure our visions align. I'm happy to discuss styling, props, location, etc. I also love sending style boards and I update them based on the season. I recommend laying your outfits out next to each other and snapping a photo. You'll be able to see how everything looks and if you need advice you can shoot me a text!


How many photos can I expect?

Not all sessions are the same. Some involve kids that are just not having it. Some involve unexpected inclement weather. For a full session you can expect a minimum of 40 edited photos delivered, but often times my clients receive more.

When can I expect my photos?

You'll receive a sneak peek within 48 hours of your session.
A full gallery is delivered within 2-3 weeks. This time frame can vary depending on how booked I am each season.

How are galleries delivered?

All galleries are delivered through the Pixieset server. You can click below to see my gallery page.

What if it rains or someone is sick?

Even during busy season I do my best to keep rain dates for my clients. We will monitor the weather prior to your session and make a call the day. If you love the rain and want something fun and adventurous - I'm here for that option too!

Do you send RAW files or re-edits?

I do not send RAW images to my clients, nor do I send re-edits based on preference. My editing style has evolved over time to fit my brand and I do not allow filters or alterations to my photographs after they've been delivered.

Think of my business as a restaurant and you're ordering a meal, it is not customary to send a meal back and ask it to be cooked in a different style. If you like Thai food, make sure you're going to a Thai restaurant.

With that said, if there is a blemish you'd like removed or a color photograph you'd like edited in b&w I am happy to accommodate those requests within reason or at an extra fee.